Have you made the statement when something does not have much flavor, that it “tastes like chicken”? We abolish that myth by providing chicken that has flavor and texture.

Our chickens are fed a non-soy, non-GMO feed to supplement the bugs and grasses they eat.

The health benefits of pasture raised chickens are documented – they have 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat and 28% fewer calories than their factory-farmed counterparts.  Animals raised on fresh pasture have two times more omega-3 than omega-6 fatty acids.

When eating nutritionally dense foods, we consume less food so “a little goes a long way”.



  • Whole birds - $5.25/lb
  • Boneless Breasts – $14.00/lb.
  • Bone in Breast – $12/lb
  • Leg Quarters – $5.50/lb.
  • Wings – $5.50/lb.

We carry chicken livers and hearts, feet, necks and backs. $3.00/lb.

Our poultry is processed in North Carolina at the USDA Foothills Pilot Plant.


On farm pick-up is on Wednesdays and Saturdays.