Have you made the statement when something does not have much flavor, that it “tastes like chicken”? We abolish that myth by providing chicken that has flavor and texture.

Our chickens are fed a  non-GMO feed to supplement the bugs and grasses they eat. Our chicken is truly pasture raised. They spend the first 3 days of life in a warm brooder then we open the door so they have access to a fenced area to begin foraging, scratching and stretching their wings. They move out of the brooder once they are fully feathered and continue to grow on pasture. We never use antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. Our chicks get a vitamin boost in their water when they first arrive then apple cider vinegar in their water every week. We raise healthy chickens so you get healthy meats.

The health benefits of pasture raised chickens are documented:

  • 21% less total fat
  • 30% less saturated fat
  • 28% fewer calories than their factory-farmed counterparts.
  • Animals raised on fresh pasture have two times more omega-3 than omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Not to mention all the Vitamin D found in pasture raised animals that is absent from factory raised animals.

Many people are looking for cheap food, it is not cheap to raise these birds BUT you should get more than one meal from each bird. Take the leftovers from the first meal and make chicken salad or enchiladas, sandwiches may be next. Take the carcass of bones and skin and slow cook it for a nourishing broth. Add fresh chopped vegetables, any leftover meat and now you have a warm, nourishing soup.

All chickens are processed in a USDA facility.


Prices are subject to change.